A Tribute to the "People of The Fightin' 122"

UAW Local 122: Our Storied (Pictured) Past

Every picture tells a story, and the same goes with UAW Local 122. Some of us spent 30 years working jobs that still support us and our families to this day. These pictures tell a story of our union and the great (and not so great) times we had in our history.
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UAW Local 122: Our Video Story

We would be re-miss if we didn't show the videos of our fight to keep our plant open and the politics that were going on in our history. Here are 10 videos that depicted our fight and the eventual demise of TSP and our local union. they also show why we were deemed "The People of the Fightin' 122" 
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Forever and Always, "The Fightin' 122"
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