Friday December 13, 2019

Chairman Brother Phil Schmiedl called the meeting to order on Friday December 13, 2019 at 11:00 am. The pledge of allegiance was said followed by a moment of silence for the recently deceased members. Friday, September 13, 2019 meeting minutes were read and were accepted as read.


UAW Benefit Representative Joseph Guarino announced he would no longer be the Retiree Benefit Representative at months end. For retirees to contact Benefit Connect at 888-409-3300 M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm (Pension, Healthcare/Life Insurance, Beneficiaries, Death Report, Address Change, Employee Advantage, Disability, Questions on legal plan, Tax Forms, 401k)

Protected Classification:
The trust has two classifications for members, General and Protected.
Effective 01/01/2020 The trust will modify the eligibility for the Protected class by removing the basic benefit rate and pension calculation and will instead move to an expanded retirement date based criteria. As a result of this change: All retirees who retired before 10/01/1990 will now qualify for PROTECTED CLASSIFICATION. And all surviving spouses of retirees who retired before 01/01/1999 will now qualify for PROTECTED CLASSIFICATION.

Prescription Drug Benefits:

Tier 1 copay for medication and immunizations reduced from $14 to $5 for 30 day retail supply and reduced from $24 to $5 for90 day mail order supply.

All mail order copays in all tiers will be reduce to the same amount as the retail copay. That means you can get a 90 day supply at mail order for the same amount as what you would pay for a 30 day supply at retail (66%) savings.

And annual out of pocket copay maximum of $1,500 will be in place for all tier 1 and tier 2 drugs to limit expenses for members on multiple medications. Please not that tier 3 medications are excluded, as there are lower cost options available in tier 1 and tier 2.
$20 for each covered tier 1 medication you take will only cost $20 for the entire year through Express Scripts mail order. Switch to Mail Order and Save

2020 Medicare Updates Medicare Premium
The standard Medicare premium in 2020 is $144.60-an increase of $9.10 from 2019. Medicare Deductible Medicare Part B annual deductible is $198-and increase of $13 from 2019. Remember: Some individuals will pay more depending on their income. Resources: *


Medicare Advantage PPO BCBS Traditional Care Network
Monthly contribution $0 Single & Family $17 Single $34 Family
Deductible $245/ Person $400 Single $675 Family
Coinsurance 10% 10%
Out of Pocket $630/ Person $800 Single $1,475 Family
Primary Care Physician $20 Covered by Medicare 80% after Part B deductible
(PCP) Office Visit is met: you pay remaining 20%
Specialist Office Visit $25 Covered by Medicare 80% after Part B deductible
Is met: you pay remaining 20%
Urgent Care $25 Copay $50 Copay
(Include retail Health Clinics)
Emergency Room $50 Copay $125 Copay
(Waived if admitted)

Deductible (Amount you pay annually before plan begins to pay portion of cost) Coinsurance (Amount you pay after your deductible is met) Out of Pocket (Total amount you pay annually before the plan covers 100% of covered costs)


BCBS Enhanced Care PPO
Monthly Contribution $17 Single $34 Family
Deductible $400 Single $675 Family
Coinsurance 10%
Out of Pocket $800 Single $1,475 Family
Primary Care Physician $25
Specialist Office Visit $35
Urgent Care $50 Copay (Includes retail Health Clinics)
Emergency Room $125 Copay (Waived if admitted)

To help navigate your healthcare benefits, you have several resources at your fingertips.
RETIREE HEALTH CARE CONNECT: Trust Eligibility and Customer Service Center: 886-637-7555 M-F 8:30 am-4:30 pm or
To: add/remove dependents: Plan confirmation/eligibility: Qualified status changes (reporting dependent changes, deaths etc) Address changes: Add/update an email address or phone number.

The raffle was held and seven prized were awarded.

Next meeting March 13, 2020, at Gambitta’s Party Center, 160 E. Aurora Rd, Northfield, OH 44067

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 pm and a lunch followed.

These are the minutes, if there is any conflict between this information and the Health Care Trust Plan their document will govern. Verification can always be made by contacting Retiree Health Care Connect at 866-637-7555, Medical Trust at, or stay connected. Make sure your contact information is updated through Benefit Connect at 888-409-3300.

Ellen Douglas
Recording Secretary

Phil Schmiedl, Chairman
Fred Kelly, Vice Chairman
Thomas Scheutzow, Financial Secretary